Food Network Star The Pioneer Woman Says Goodbye to the Family Basset Hound

Posted by Mateja Lane

Saying goodbye to a pet can be one of the hardest things you have to go through in life. 

And that's just what The Pioneer Woman Ree Drumond had to do today.

The family's beloved Basset Hound, Charlie, has been sick for the past couple years. He was diagnosed with lymphoma last year. After initial treatments, Charlie went into remission, allowing him an extra year to be a carefree ranch dog.

Yesterday after the family went to church, Ree writes, the time had come to say goodbye to Charlie. The vet who had taken care of Charlie since he was small came over to the ranch house to put him down. It was time for Charlie to pass over the Rainbow Bridge surrounded by everyone who loved him.

Ree writes;

"I feel a little funny writing much about this, because Charlie was a dog--and because there is so much human tragedy and sadness all around that this can't even begin to compare to. But anyone who's ever loved a dog understands that it's a special kind of loss--one that all dog families have to go through since dogs generally don't outlive us. And why is that? Ugh!"

And can't we all as dog owners relate?

The Pioneer Woman filled her blog post with images of Charlie's time at the ranch and if you watch the cooking show on the Food Network, you'll recognize the family.

Everyone loved Charlie.


Paige, Ree's daughter, was home from college. She luckily was able to say goodbye to Charlie. 


Charlie loved football Sundays (mostly for the snacks).


Charlie liked to help out the cowboys when they went to work in the fields.


Uncle Tim will miss Charlie. 


And so will Cowboy Josh. 


Charlie's brother Walter will miss him. 


And so will Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman herself. 


Charlie will surely be missed but he had a long, happy life chasing all the animals on the farm and being outside all the time.

From these pictures it feels like we all knew Charlie. Our thoughts go out to The Pioneer Woman and the Drummond family and ranch.

All images by Ree Drummond via The Pioneer Woman

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Food Network Star The Pioneer Woman Says Goodbye to the Family Basset Hound