Watch This Foal Absolutely Lose It for Wither Scratches

Posted by Paige Cerulli
foal wither scratches

This foal clearly thinks wither scratches are the best thing ever.

Sometimes, you just can't control yourself. That's a feeling that the foal in this video knows quite well. After all, he totally loses it for some good old-fashioned wither scratching, and who could blame him? Clearly his human knows just how to find the right spot, and, well, you need to see the rest for yourself.

We dare you not to laugh.

Lots of horses seem to have a soft spot for wither scratches, though the crest of the neck and the base of the chest also tend to be popular spots for some great scratching. Your horse will probably appreciate a good wither scratching now more than ever, as spring has arrived and shedding season is in full swing. All that loose hair gets itchy, after all!

If your horse never seems to be able to get enough scratching, you might think about installing a scratching area in his paddock. You can purchase special rubber scratching "pads" for horses, and can install them on a post or along the side of a run-in shed so that your horse can scratch his own itches. Old large round brushes from car washes also make great horse "scratching posts," but you may have to hunt around for a while before you find one available.

If your horse is itchy beyond his normal levels, he may be having an allergic reaction, have dry skin, or be developing a case of sweet itch. Hopefully a good grooming will have your horse feeling better, but if not, you may need to call your vet if the problem gets worse.

So, arm yourself with a curry comb and head out to give your horse a good scratching. He's likely to appreciate it!

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Watch This Foal Absolutely Lose It for Wither Scratches