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10 Fluffy Cuddling Cat Breeds That Can Almost Make Up For Your Aching Loneliness


Fluffy cat breeds aren't great for allergies, but they're certainly good for cuddling!

Affectionate cat breeds are certainly a thing, but what if you've got a preference for extra fluffy cat breeds? Fluffy cat breeds are perfect to snuggle with, since their thick coat is just like a plush blanket or pillow. This almost makes up for how much grooming and brushing you'll be doing, but of course, you can think of it as a labor of love. If you want a fluffy cat that also loves to snuggle, look no further than these 10 fluffy cat breeds.

10 Fluffy Cat Breeds Who Love To Snuggle

1. Maine Coon

maine coon fluffy cat breed

The Maine Coon is an American cat breed which is well-adapted for working in the cold winters and fluctuating seasons of the New England region. It is called a Maine Coon because it was first recognized in the state of Maine and is now the official state cat. It was also famously the pet of Marie Antoinette in France before it was established here in America.

While its true ancestral origins are unknown, it bears resemblance to the Norwegian forest cat, suggesting that it was brought to North America by way of the English sailors, the Norsemen, who were famous for having this breed of cat onboard their ships.


2. Persian

persian fluffy cat breed

The Persian cat sits on the throne of its household. This breed holds the distinction of being a breed favored by royalty, and it's easy to understand why. With beautiful luxurious coats and regal personalities, Persians are pretty much royalty in feline form.

Persians may be gorgeous and seem like the perfect cats, but make sure you're ready for everything that comes with this breed. These kitties require a lot of extra care. But, if you're ready to pamper your cat a bit, you'll be rewarded with a loyal feline friend.

3. Norwegian Forest Cat

norwegian forest cat fluffy cat breed


Large, friendly, and with a beautiful and thick coat, it's no wonder that the Norwegian Forest Cat is such a popular breed today. These cats make great pets and their thick, long coats mean they're well-suited to colder areas. Be prepared, though, since these coats will shed and your cat will need plenty of brushing.

If you add a Norwegian Forest Cat to your home, you'll have something of a living legend in your house. This very old breed from Norway appears in traditional Norwegian fairy tales and legends. They have a history that could perhaps go back thousands of years.

4. Ragdoll

ragdoll cat fluffy cat breed

If you're looking for a cuddly, affectionate, and incredibly laid-back cat, you'll find it in the Ragdoll. This unique breed is known for its dog-like behaviors and lackadaisical attitude. Whereas many other cats are known for being highly particular and even sometimes "snobby," the Ragdoll is anything but.


Thanks to its great attitude and friendly nature, this cat breed is a popular choice for families, since Ragdolls and kids often get along well.

5. Siberian

siberian cat fluffy cat breed

Siberian cats certainly go way back, because they've been around since 1000 A.D. Siberian cats are problem solvers, which can often translate to trouble makers in their households. Capable of opening doors, solving puzzles, and generally being a nuisance, these cats also love to cuddle. Their coat is built for winter but lightens as the summer months roll around. This intelligent breed can bring a ton of love into your home, if you're up for the antics.

6. Himalayan

himalayan fluffy cat breed


Sometimes nicknamed a 'Himmy', Himalayan cats are a cross between a Persian and Siamese cat. These two breeds are pretty beautiful on their own, so you can see where the Himalayan gets its looks from. Himalayans come in all types of colors and are best known for their large eyes and gorgeous looks.

7. Exotic Shorthair

exotic shorthair fluffy cat breed

The Exotic Shorthair has been dubbed by the feline world as the 'Lazy Man's Persian' due to his plush, short coat! If you'd love a Persian but you're too lazy for the upkeep, the Exotic Shorthair is the cat for you.

8. Birman

birman looks happily at camera


Birmans are just big, fluffy piles of love. Not only does Cheryl Hogan bring her expertise to cat shows, but she also breeds cats and the Birman cat is one of the most personable lap cats she knows.

"I've never met such a people-oriented cat in my life," she said.

Birmans are as affectionate as they are sensitive and will always rely on you for companionship.

9. British Shorthair

pile of british shorthair kittens against white wall


The British Shorthair is a common cat with a calm, easy-going nature. This cat is capable of being left to its own devices, making it a great option for busy families who won't necessarily have time for a velcro cat, but still want to come home to some cuddles.

10. Ragamuffin

ragamuffin looks away from camera in living room

Not to be confused with the Ragdoll cat, the Ragamuffin cat is a huge fluffball who looks deceptively big. With that much hair, it's hard to see that the cat underneath isn't quite so large. Fortunately, this coat is easy to groom, making it a great long haired cat for beginners. Ragamuffins are thought to originate from the cross between multiple longhaired breeds, and this breed makes for a perfect couch cat, as they stick to their owners like glue.

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This post was originally published on July 6, 2020.

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