Flippity Fish cat toy, available on Amazon.

Flippity Fish: Motion Activated Entertainment


Move over cat and mouse. Here comes cat vs. fish! Can the TV Flippity Fish hold your cat's attention? 

If you are looking for a way to keep kitty occupied during the day that does not involve bad behavior like sitting on your keyboard or playing with the window blind cords, you may want to get them a new cat toy. As Seen on TV toy, Flippity Fish has caught a lot of people's attention. But can it really hold up to a cat's vigorous play, and better yet, will it keep them entertained?

Flippity Fish: Better Than a Mouse?

The popular Ontel Flippity Fish cat toy claims to provide your cat with hours of endless fun. But does it fulfill this promise?

According to the manufacturer, the cat toy is designed to look like a real fish. It wiggles, flips, and flops like a fish out of water would. The realistic cat toy has a built-in motion sensor, so it will start to wobble around, creating fun & playtime for cats as they begin to walk by.

Kitty will get plenty of exercises chasing it around, especially when you join in with the fishing pole, allowing you to yank the fish toy away, just as your cat gets ready to pounce, making it an interactive cat toy.


If your cat goes wild for catnip, the fish has a refillable catnip pouch ensuring your cat will never lose interest. Don't worry if your cat drags the fish outside; It has a machine washable cover. The battery charge lasts for multiple days of fun with intermittent use, and once your cat finally wears it out, the fish is USB rechargeable -- If your can uses the floppy toy continually, they only get about 35 minutes of interactive play. USB charging will take 40-45 minutes. So your cat won't really get hours of endless fun, at least not continuously.

The realistic-looking design is made of durable materials, so your cat should not be able to damage the toy while they play. Some reviewers mentioned that they could not get the USB charging cord into the port because some material was in the way.

One disclaimer is the fish does not come fully charged. It will need to be plugged in before the first use. If your cat loves interactive cat toys, this will definitely be one to add to your wishlist.

Is The Flippity Fish a Safe Toy? 


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As a pet toy goes, the flopping fish is relatively safe for your cat. If the toy comes damaged or missing a piece, check the store's return policy to see if you can exchange it. If the popular TV Flippity Fish is in stock on Amazon, which it usually is, you have their excellent return practices on your side, and you may even find better pricing or special offers.

If you are in a hurry to get this for your feline, you can choose one-day delivery punch in your credit card info and wait for the fish to arrive on your doorstep the next day.

How Noisy is the Flippity Fish?

When the Flippity Fish is flopping around on the cat toy does make quite a bit of noise, which will be amplified on hardwood or tile floors. Some customer reviews said the motor was also quite loud and scared their cats.


Some cats may have an adverse reaction to the noise coming from the moving fish cat toy, especially if they do not have many interactive cat toys and are not used to loud noises in the environment.

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