Fisherman-Dog Duo Rescues Turtle Wrapped in Fishing Line

Posted by TF Oren

Teamwork gets the job done.

That was certainly the case for this red-eared slider turtle that found itself in a bit of a predicament, a predicament of the fishing line sort.

A fisherman finds the little turtle all tied up and caught on a branch. He immediately begins trying to free it.

After a long struggle, he manages to dislodge the turtle. Then, with help from his dog, Sissy, hauls it to shore.

Once he gets the turtle on land, its dire situation becomes clear. Fishing line is wrapped tightly around its neck. So the fisherman grabs his knife and quickly begins working to cut the line off.

Watch this tag-team turtle rescue unfold:

With a few strategic cuts and a little tugging, success! Free from its fishing line noose, the turtle scurries back toward the water.

Thanks to this good samaritan duo, one very lucky little slider is safe and sound. Man + dog = unstoppable. Way to go, team!

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Fisherman-Dog Duo Rescues Turtle Wrapped in Fishing Line