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40 Fish Puns You May Think Are a Pile of Carp


Oh for God's 'hake', not another fish pun.

We honestly hope you don't actually feel this way. We thought 40 fish puns may be a nice list to use and refer to in conversations with your fish keeping colleagues. We could have come up with 80 fish puns!

Too many cod jokes? We don't think so!

Fish Keeping World shared the following fish puns and jokes that will make you laugh!


40 puns that are a little fishy!

1. Seems a bit fishy to me.

2. Dear Cod, I laughed so hard!

3. He really schooled you then.

4. I'd make him walk the plankton for that.


5. Not bad, cod do better...

6. We should dolphinitely scale back on the fish puns.

7. Any fin is possible, just don't trout yourself!

8. Ahh guys, you're krilling me now!


9. We, the jury, find this site gill-ty of too many fish puns!

10. Oh for Gods hake, not another fish pun.

11. What's this fish pun website you've been herring all about?

12. It's a great oppor-tuna-ty!


13. Never trust unlicensed puns - always check they're o-fish-al.

14. I feel great every day of the week, barramundi.

15. OMC!!

Can you do any Betta than this?

16. Have you thought of a fish pun yet, or do you need some time to mullet over?


17. You don't have to be a brain sturgeon to come up with a fish pun.

18. What a load of pollocks!

19. Hoping to avoid turtle disaster.

20. Create your own fish pun, don't leave it to salmon else.


21. Betta luck next time!

22. Are you trying to gill-t me into thinking of a better pun?

23. This is going to get a-trout-cious real quick!

24. This is neither the time, nor the plaice for this.


25. My dad was a fisherman, but he quit because his net income wasn't enough.

26. Stop carping on; you're giving me a haddock.

27. Sorry, my attempt at a joke was a pile of carp.

28. I'm hooked!


29. You're not quite up to scale.

30. I won't be cod dead participating in this.

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31. I'm waiting for someone else to mussel in on this now.

32. Who will be the sole survivor?


33. I really believe that to the bottom of my sole.

34. Salmon had to say it.

35. This is a big issue a-monk fishermen.

36. You Betta believe it.


37. Fishcious rumors.

38. I think you're fintastic.

39. DJ's aren't allowed to work at fish markets because they're always dropping the bass.

40. Cod you pass me the salt?


There are so many fish species you can use with this list. You could have a listicle that just includes minnow, koi, halibut, tuna fish, flounder, clams, starfish, blowfish, school of fish, and goldfish jokes. Fish jokes maybe even better than dog and cat puns. This list of fish puns could have gone on and on.

You definitely don't need a fish tank or even enjoy sushi to enjoy these either. You'll get a good laugh from the 'bigger fish' jokes like 'Salmon had to say it' and 'Not bad, cod do better'.

Other phrases that are hilarious are 'loan shark', 'porpoise', and 'cuttle'. Do you have better fish puns? We didn't include jokes about bodies of water like river banks and sea level but let us know what we missed.

Did we get some good or bad grades for this list?


Please leave us a comment below and let us know what you think of our fish puns?

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