First-Time Chicken Drag Racer Wins Big at the County Fair

Posted by Daphne Cybele
chicken drag racing
Photo: The News Tribune

Could you coax a chicken to race to first place?

First-time chicken drag racer Rebekah Albright and a three-year-old Buff Orpington named Bella placed first in the 18th annual Pierce County chicken drag races at the county fair this year.

"I was feeling kinda a little bit nervous. I wasn't worried because I knew even if I didn't get first, I knew I would get a ribbon, period," Rebekah told the The News Tribune.

Rebekah and Bella's win earned them more than a ribbon: they took home a three-foot trophy!

chicken drag races
Screenshot from: The News Tribune

What Is Chicken Drag Racing?

The "National Chicken Racing Association" (NCRA) sanctioned chicken drag races take place each year at the county fair in Graham, Washington.

"It's all tongue-in-cheek," race founder Mike Craig told The News Tribune.

In chicken drag racing there are no cars and the birds "race" down a 12-foot track (a quarter-mile in chicken feet according to Craig).

The rules to the race are simple: to win, you want your chicken to be the first chicken to travel to the end of the track. If the birds are slow to get down the track, the furthest ahead at the thirty second mark of the race is the winner.

Poultry owners can use treats to lure chickens down the track. However, there is absolutely no throw-downs or doping allowed.

"If we suspect any high-protein feed or performance-enhancing drugs, it's a mandatory teardown and barbecue after the race," Craig teased.

Also, throwing the bird onto the track is an immediate disqualification. The complete rules of this annual race are formalized in the official three-page rulebook.

chicken drag race
Screenshot from: The News Tribune

A Winning Strategy

Rebekah didn't use any treats to lure Bella down the track. Rebekah's mom Tiffany told The News Tribune, "I had a strategy. It was to give it space to get out and to trick it into thinking it could run away."

It seems like a good strategy, not only because Bella won but also because chickens frequently run off the course. Keeping the chicken running forward is really the main challenge. 

Screenshot from news video: The News Tribune

Many congratulations to Rebekah and Bella on their big win at the Pierce County Fair! The queens of the track!

Are you going to get your chickens race ready for next year? Let us know in the comments below!

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First-Time Chicken Drag Racer Wins Big at the County Fair