Catterbox: Introducing the World's First Meow-to-English Translator

Posted by Tori Holmes
Catterbox talking cat collar

Not long ago we saw the introduction of devices that translate our dog's barks into speech, but it appears that cats refuse to let dogs get the last word.

As many cat owners will agree, it can be difficult to know exactly what your cat is thinking and feeling. While some cats make it very clear when they are happy or upset, there are a number of cats that prefer to keep their emotions hidden.

The team at Temptations want to change that with the introduction of Catterbox, a collar that lets your cat speak to you.

But why do we need a meow-to-English collar? Studies have shown that adult cats meow when talking to humans, but not to each other. This suggests that they're using their meows to communicate a message to us.

Using Bluetooth technology, a microphone, and a speaker the Catterbox collar will capture your cat's meow and translate it into English. Using their app, you even get to choose your cat's new human voice!

Whether or not this product actually works, it offers a fun new way to communicate with your kitty. To learn more about Catterbox, visit their website.

Meow! Or should we say, that's cool!

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Catterbox: Introducing the World's First Meow-to-English Translator