First-Ever 'Hike with a Homeless Dog' Event Great Success

Posted by Stacey Venzel
All photos via Adam Sauceda-Standard Times via Abilene Reporter News

San Angelo State Park in Texas held a dog adoption event attended by over 300 wannabe pooch parents.

Shelter adoption events around the country are becoming increasingly more creative. Including pet cafes and pet yoga aimed specifically at animal adoption. But Concho Valley PAWS brought the dogs outside on July 9.

Anticipating a turnout of around 50 to 60 people, the shelter brought 50 canines to the event last weekend. The plan was to have hopeful puppy parents walk the rescued canines around the park on a half-mile or mile path. Puppy pools were set up for the dogs to cool off in between hikes.

But park staff and shelter coordinators were surprised to see more than 300 people show up to the event, creating a waiting list for dog walkers.


Jennie Wilson, executive director for PAWS, said the event had a secondary purpose. In addition to its goal of finding dogs forever homes, "Hike with a Homeless Dog" was meant to spread awareness. She said:

"A lot of people are under the misconception that shelter dogs are sick or bad dogs, that there's some reason behind them being abandoned at the shelter. Most [of] the time it's a human reason like not wanting the animal anymore."

Some animal lovers simply visited the park to partake in spreading the word on social media, snapping photos of the playful pups in need of homes.

PAWS and San Angelo State park look forward to future events similar to this one, but they'll be prepared for greater attendance next time around!

All photos via Adam Sauceda-Standard Times via Abilene Reporter News.

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