First-Ever Certified Scent Detection Dog Saves Crops from Pests

Posted by Krissy Howard
dog saves crops

The countless talents of dogs have been utilized by people for many reasons, and a pest-sniffing dog named Chili is doing her part by saving thousands of crops. 

A two-year-old Belgian Malinois named Chili has become the first dog ever to be certified to save crops from pests, according to a report from Good News Network.

The decision to hire the dog came when Fresh Nature Farms measured an approximate $75 million in damages to crops on behalf of the pepper weevil - a microscopic pest resistant to pesticides.

Nature Fresh Farms pest management scout Cam Lyons told the outlet:

"We were at wit's end - we didn't know what to do. And in that desperation, I just got thinking of 'What can we do that's different?' the idea of a scent detection dog just came to mind."

Chili, a trained pest detection dog, was brought to the company's Ontario, Canada greenhouse in July, and has been sniffing out pests in an effort to keep crops healthy and thriving. Since she began, the company has seen little to no interference from the weevils, making the investment in Chili the trained dog well worth it.

Once Chili zeroes in on the scent with her keen senses, specialists are able to quarantine the area and get to work on eliminating the bugs for good. The working dog produces accurate results with positive detection.

According to Chili's handler Tina Heide, Chili's unique ability is incredible:

"Chili is actually really, really good. She'll usually hit on [the smell] right away. It's actually really cool to watch her, because sometimes as soon as she picks it up...she'll whip around and head straight for it."

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First-Ever Certified Scent Detection Dog Saves Crops from Pests