Fireman in Florida Saves Tiniest Family Member: Rodney the Guinea Pig

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Family pet, Rodney the guinea pig, was rescued by a quick-thinking fireman after the family's house caught fire in Mulberry, Florida.

Two little girls can now sleep a little more soundly knowing their guinea pig is safe.

Rodney, an Abyssinian guinea pig, was adopted by the Waller family just a few months before their house caught fire on April 8. Kristi Waller's daughters had already fallen head over heels for the little squeaker, as had she.

"He is the coolest guinea pig I have ever met," Waller said in a news interview.

Kristi's boyfriend was making french fries when he dropped hot grease which quickly caught the house on fire. Everyone made it out of the house before the Mulberry Fire Department quickly responded. But Rodney the guinea pig was still inside.

Fireman John Williams was sweeping the house when he spotted the cage and instinctually grabbed it, transporting the pig away from the flames. The fire crew assessed the guinea pig's condition on the lawn and noted he was suffering from smoke inhalation.

A fire truck is equipped with ventilators of many sizes and even some specific to common pets like dogs, but the trucks do not have a guinea pig-specific oxygen mask. Instead, firefighters placed an infant mask over the cavy's face and gave him some water.

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The family lost almost everything in the fire and are currently staying with relatives. But they didn't lose anyone in their family, human or furry, thanks to the heroic efforts of this courageous fireman.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the single mother and her two daughters recover their lost belongings. Waller says sassy Rodney is getting pampered as usual and seems to be back to his normal self.

This rodent survivor is becoming quite the celebrity, one of the tiniest animal activists the media has ever seen. Rodney is a reminder that no matter the species, every pet is part of a family and worth running into a fire to save.

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Fireman in Florida Saves Tiniest Family Member: Rodney the Guinea Pig