This Company Figured out How to Get the Perfect Pet Selfie

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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If you've been struggling to get that perfect selfie of your pooch, this new product may solve all of your issues.

Finally, a company has realized what dog owners have known for years - taking a selfie with your dog can be seriously difficult. Not only are dogs unlikely to look at your phone, they often strike unflattering poses or just otherwise appear uninterested.

Some more timid dogs are even a bit afraid of your phone. But the selfie "ball" for dogs could change all of that.


San Diego-based company Pooch Selfies has invented the perfect photo distraction for dogs, and though it's simple, it's also ingenious.

The Pooch Selfie features a tennis ball that attaches to the top of your phone, effectively capturing your dog's attention and encouraging him to look right at the camera. And if the tennis ball itself isn't enough to get your dog looking alert, the ball even squeaks to help get your dog's attention.

Best of all, it's compatible for both Android and iPhones, and works with most smartphones.


While a selfie ball for dogs might seem like a far-fetched idea, the product's inventor Jason Hernandez thought that dog owners might purchase the device if it meant being able to get better pictures of their dogs.

With the popularity of sharing pet updates on social media, getting multiple quality photos and capturing those great memories becomes important to many pet owners. So, Hernandez created a project on Kickstarter which raised over $39,000, allowing the Pooch Selfie to be created.

Want a Pooch Selfie for your very own? Head on over to the website and place your order. There are also fun dog-related T-shirts that you can buy to show off your dog's amazing picture-taking talents.

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This Company Figured out How to Get the Perfect Pet Selfie