Furry Babies: Proof That Cats Are Actually Toddlers

Posted by Paige Cerulli

If you've ever thought that caring for your cat was awfully similar to caring for toddlers, this video is here to prove you right. 

Many cat owners refer to their cats as being their kids. Now, this funny video shows us how incredibly accurate that statement is.

You see, cats are pretty much toddlers. They require care and cleaning up after, and they have this silly approach to life that you can't help but laugh at. Plus, they're pretty darn adorable.

Here, Cole and Marmalade show just how cats are actually toddlers. From playing with their food to enjoying the same toys, you'll see that there are tons of similarities. Check out this funny video!

Does your cat sometimes act like a toddler? Lucky for us cat owners, our cats stay in the perpetual toddler stage. There's no growing up, learning to drive, paying for college, or other challenging times for our cats. Instead, they remain their cute and cuddly selves.

And while a child grows up and doesn't want to sit in your lap anymore, your cat will usually be happy to accommodate that request. (Well, some cats will. If you have a non-cuddly cat then you're out of luck.)

Now, if only we could claim them as dependents on our tax returns!

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Furry Babies: Proof That Cats Are Actually Toddlers