Feral Goats Have Taken Over This Australian Town

Posted by TF Oren

Ready, set, goat!

The western Australian town of Kambalda is now home to 250 new residents. But those new residents aren't of the human variety. They're wild goats.

Feral goats have long been roaming across Australia, and have caused a host of problems since being introduced to the continent. Currently, they've settled in Kambalda, and are quickly becoming a nuisance to the town's human residents.

The Kambalda goats are wreaking havoc on people's gardens, destroying property, jumping on cars, and causing problems with traffic flow through town.

An uninvited guest. Photo by Peter Hocking via Mashable

Malcom Cullen, a local government official, suspects that the feral goats might have ventured into town in search of food. It's also possible that they've come seeking safety from the wild dogs that prey on them.

Locals have had mixed reactions to the presence of the wild goats, with some claiming that the goats are a fun change from the day-to-day, and others calling for the goats to be shot.

As far as what is to be done officially, current legislation limits the types of actions that can be taken to cull the herd. So, the Coolgardie Shire Council is considering a humane, trap-and-transport solution. Rounding up the goats and transporting them out of town, however, could take months.

Yard work. Photo by Jodie Cowdrey via Mashable

In the meantime, the Kambalda Animal Rescue is taking the 250 new additions to town in stride, releasing cute goat videos. The goats may be a nuisance, but a cute animal video is still a cute animal video...and almost impossible to resist.

All images via Peter Hocking/Facebook

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Feral Goats Have Taken Over This Australian Town