Gang of 100 Feral Chickens Terrorize Town, Chase Joggers


Chickens are chasing joggers and waking up a small town in the UK. Some say they're friendly and others say they're just noisy. The Channel Island of Jersey has been having this problem for years!

Feral chickens run free, and the residents are getting tired of the noise at 4 a.m. They're pecking people's gardens and during the summer it's chaos, according a 2018 story from the BBC. 

Unilad reports that these birds have been waking up locals, trashing gardens and causing a traffic hazard.

"Contrary to the cowardly stereotype, this cocky bunch have even been chasing joggers."

These chickens were abandoned pets and have no natural predators. What will the town do with these tiny dinosaurs?


Jersey residents annoyed by feral chickens

Some say they're a nuisance, others say they're friendly. Meet Jersey's feral chickens.

Posted by BBC Jersey on Friday, July 6, 2018

There have been two culls, but that hasn't addressed the large number of chickens running around.

The Unilad article includes a statement from Jersey's Environment Minister John Young:

"We are now dealing with very large numbers - the culls that happened were quite modest.

We are in a situation where we have got animal lovers on the one hand and where we have got those who are experiencing a nuisance on the other. I can't pretend to sit here and say I have got an answer to that."

Young's department has received no fewer than 40 complaints this year alone regarding the unruly chickens.


We have two roos and they are LOUD. I cannot imagine 100 chickens running around and roosting in trees. This is my fave story of the week as I love my chickens but not everyone feels the same way about the ladies!

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