11 Pet Fennec Foxes That Can Stay in Our Laps Forever

Posted by Mateja Lane
Looking Fennec fox in wooden room.

Fennec foxes are considered exotic pets.

These little desert foxes are friendly and inquisitive and can make unique pets. While having a fennec fox is a lot more work than a dog or cat, owning a fox is kind of like having a dog and a cat in one animal.

Fennec foxes bark like a dog and have the same energy, but can be trained to use a litter box and have been described as aloof as a cat. They can learn tricks like sit, stay, and fetch and people harness-train these animals to take them on walks.

All in all, Fennec foxes can make great pets but they are still wild animals and you must check with your state and county laws and regulations in case you need a license. California is one such state that does not allow fennec foxes to be kept as pets. States like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Nebraska have deemed them as non-dangerous exotic animals but the ordinances can vary between cities.

These exotic pets will run you about $1,500 and are not like domestic pets. And as cute as they are, fennec foxes take a lot of work!

But if you take that journey as a fennec fox owner, here are some adorable examples of the times ahead.

They'll cuddle with you...eventually. 

They like laser pointers almost as much as the cat

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They'll be bed hogs. 

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They love playing outside. 

They'll go on walks with you.

They need to go to the vet like any other pet.

They'll wait for you to get home from work every day. 

They'll try to share with the cat

They'll go on adventures with you. 

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They'll dress up for holidays. 

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And make themselves right at home. 

Remember that foxes, and fennec foxes in particular, take a special kind of pet owner! It can be easy to be swayed with these sweet pictures, and it is possible to have these little desert animals as pets, but please do your research!

Do you have a fennec fox? Show us in the comments below!

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11 Pet Fennec Foxes That Can Stay in Our Laps Forever