These Felines Are Just a Bunch of Scaredy Cats

Posted by Stacey Venzel

This video is proof that a curious cat is a scaredy cat.

You've heard the phrase "curiosity killed the cat." You've also heard that cats have nine lives. In this video montage, felines prove both their curiosity and survival skills when it comes to investigating and fighting deadly inanimate objects.

In the film mashup, you get a glimpse of just how high cats can jump and then fall, somehow seeming to always land on all fours.

While the video is entertaining, we do have to wonder about the intelligence of these furry creatures. Hair clips and hand shadows aren't really that terrifying, are they?

But we've all been in that paranoid state when every noise and movement startles us. We've all been so focused on one thing that we forget about the world around us. We've all feared our own reflection after a late night.

Cats are predators, so their inquisitive skills are natural for the species. When they're honed in on the hunt, an interruption can send them shooting sky high. But even though they're scared out of their minds, they remain unscathed. We're thankful for that!

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These Felines Are Just a Bunch of Scaredy Cats