Feline Playful: 5 DIY Cat Toys Your Kitty Will Love

Posted by Tori Holmes

When it comes to cat toys, the simpler the better.

The great things about cat's minimalist sense of taste is that it's easy to make DIY toys that feline friend will love.

Try your hand at these five cat toys and see just how easy it is to make your kitty's day.

DIY Peek-a-Boo Box


With this toy, your cat can test out their maneuvering skills by trying to fish a toy out of a smaller hole in the box.

To build this, all you need is:

  • Small cardboard box
  • Extra cardboard
  • Ruler
  • Pen
  • Glue
  • Small cat toy
  • Exacto-knife

Step 1: Using a ruler and pencil, draw a line through the centre of the box lid, from top to bottom. Then draw intersecting lines every four inches for the length of the lid.

Step 2: Draw circles slightly larger than your cat's toy along the box lid, avoiding hitting the middle line you have drawn.

Step 3: Use an exacto-knife to cut out the holes you have outlined.

Step 4: Measure the height and length of your box and cut the extra cardboard into pieces that will be used to create a wall to divide the box.

Step 5: Glue the pieces of extra cardbard together to increase its thickness.

Step 6: Apply glue to the top and bottom of the cut and measured extra cardboard and place it securely in the middle of the box (along the line you have drawn).

Step 7: Cut additional holes in the side of the box where your cat can push the toy out.

Step 8: Once all the glue is dry, paint the box your choice of color.

DIY courtesy of Meeoow.com.

Cat Crack Stick

Dream a Little Bigger
Dream a Little Bigger

This toy may have a bit of a strange name, but it's a hit with cats of all shapes and sizes. The best part is that the feature attachments are replaceable so if your cats have a habit of destroying toys, this one can be easily fixed rather than replaced.

To build this, all you need is:

  • Feather boa
  • Construction line
  • Lighter
  • Wooden craft dowel
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Super glue
  • Bracelet end clasp
  • Jewelry Pliers
  • Drill
  • Clamps
  • Jigsaw
  • Sand paper

Step 1: Determine the desired length of your pole and mark where you would like it cut. Use your clamp to secure it while you use the jigsaw.

Step 2: While your pole is still secured with the clamp, use the drill to make a hole cleanly through the wood.

Step 3: Paint the pole your color of your choice.

Step 4: Cut your feather boa into small strips of different lengths.

Step 5: Secure your boa strips to the bracelet end clasp using super glue. Let it dry completely, then use your pliers to fold down the edges of the clasp.

Step 6:  Cut a piece of construction line and secure the boa to the pole through the hole you have drilled.

Step 7: Use a lighter to heat the construction line until it has been welded securely shut.

DIY courtesy of Dream a Little Bigger.

Toilet Paper Treat Holder

Smart Savvy Living
Smart Savvy Living

If DIY crafts aren't really your forte, you'll be happy to know there is none easier than this. The great thing about this toilet paper treat holder is that you can customize it to suit your cat's taste - the options are endless!

To build this, all you need is:

  • Empty toilet paper role
  • Your cat's favorite treat or catnip
  • Optional decorations

Step 1: Remove any remaining toilet paper or glue remnants from the role.

Step 2: Squeeze the two edges of each end of the roll so that they are loosely closed.

Step 3: Fill the roll with your cat's favourite catnip or treats.

Step 4: Refold the ends they are closed as securely as possible

Step 5: Offer the treat-filled roll to your cat and watch them try and figure out how to extract its yummy insides.

DIY courtesy of Smart Savvy Living.

Multi-Level Cat Climber

All You
All You

One of the cutest things about cats is their love of lounging any place they'll fit. With this toy, you can offer your cat the comfiest bed in the house that's easy to move from room to room.

To build this, all you need is:

  • Approximately 1 yard of fleece fabric
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Cardboard box
  • Straight-edge utility knife

Step 1: Use the straight-edge utility knife to cut openings in all four sides of the box that are big enough for your cat to crawl through. It is recommended to leave at least 3" around all four edges of each side.

Step 2: Once the holes have been cut, use the hot glue gun to seal the top and bottom of the box.

Step 3: Use your scissors to poke holes half-way between the top and the bottom in the middle of each edge. In total you should have 8 hours, with one pair on each leg of the box.

Step 4: Use your scissors to cut the fleece, leaving an additional 4" of material outside of the boxes dimensions.
Step 5: Cut 4" slits in each corner of the fleece material so that you have four pairs of strips. This strips will be used to fasten the material to the box.
Step 6: Insert the slits of fleece into the holes you cut in each box leg.
Step 7: Tie securely and let your cat test it out.

DIY courtesy of All You. 

Kitty Corner Play House


 This house has every feature that cats look for: holes to crawl in, surfaces to climb on, dangly bits to swat at. The instructions for this DIY play house may come from a home improvement store, but trust us when we say that no professional skill is required.

To build this, all you need is:

  • 12-inch concrete form tube
  • Liquid nails adhesive
  • 2 ft. of 5/8-inch rope
  • Carpet knife
  • Handsaw
  • Drywall square or tape measure

Step 1: Measure the length of the tube and divide it into three. You should be able to get three approximately 16-inch segments from one tube.

Step 2: Use a tape measure as a guide to trace the line you will later cut along to split the tube into it's three equal parts.

Step 3: Use your hand saw to cut along the lines you have marked.

Step 4: Measure the circumference of the tube. Use the measurements to cut matching pieces of carpet that will cover the tube.

Step 5: Apply a generous amount of liquid nail adhesive to the back of the carpet and secure it to the tube.

Step 6: Place the carpeted tubes in a pyramid formation, using clamps to secure them.

Step 7: Use your liquid nail adhesive to secure the tubes in their pyramid formation. Keep clamps in place while glue is drying overnight.

Step 8: In the top tube of the pyramid, make a small hole at the top and feed the rope through it. Tie is securely and make another small knot at the bottom of the rope.

Step 9: Line the bottom of the two tubes at the bottom of the pyramid with any remaining carpet.

DIY courtesy of Lowes.

Before you hit the pet store to buy your cat some new toys, take a stab at creating some yourself. These five are a great starting point, but using your imagination and coming up with something completely new is just as fun.

If you do happen to come up with a brand new DIY cat toy, share it on our Facebook - we'd love to see it!

Happy crafting, kitty lovers!

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Feline Playful: 5 DIY Cat Toys Your Kitty Will Love