Feathered Love: Hen Teaches Two Sisters Compassion

Posted by Stacey Venzel
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Minnie the hen taught two sisters what it means to love.

Bringing pets into a household of children is a great way to teach youngsters about responsibility and compassion. In the case of Minnie the hen, she taught her tiny humans how to love someone different than you.

Although Minnie has a beak and doesn't speak their language, her gentle nature showed siblings Vi and Savannah how to be compassionate toward animals. The hen often snuggles up with the young girls in their home in Saint Peters, Missouri.

Vi and Savannah's family have made a habit out of backyard gardening, expanding to urban farming when they adopted two egg-laying hens.

Vi was even overheard telling her "favorite pet" what a special chicken she is. Little sister Savannah enjoys taking Minnie for rides in a play shopping cart. The hen also joins the girls on their playground for a ride on the swing.

Through Minnie, the girls' mother says her children have learned kindness and compassion for all animals - no matter their size, shape, or species.

Minnie's adoption story was one of Petco Foundation's 2016 winners during their Holiday Wishes campaign, landing a $25,000 grant for the Animal Protection Association of Missouri. Another grant will be awarded for the contest this year, with $750,000 given to any animal welfare organization whose mission is to unite people and pets.

Donations and story submissions can be made here. The submission deadline is September 30, 2017.

Do you know of someone who has a heartwarming rescue story to share? Tag them in the comments below - maybe their submission will help some animals get the help they need!

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Feathered Love: Hen Teaches Two Sisters Compassion