Fearless Horse Forgets He’s a Horse and Walks Right into Wolf Pack

Posted by Allie Layos
horse and wolves

Horses don't normally get along with predators. 

But one fearless wild horse in Italy seems to be the exception to that rule, hanging out in the chillest manner possible ... with a pack of wolves.

Professional wildlife photographer Fabrizio Giammatteo was searching for wolves to photograph in the Acciano area of Italy when he came across a pack of six of them resting in the sun.

But the wolves weren't alone. He had just started filming when he noticed something unusual: an apparently fearless horse was nonchalantly grazing nearby. He nicknamed the black and white horse "Orazio," and watched in amazement as things got even stranger. Orazio left his original grazing spot and began to meander calmly among the pack.

Giammatteo wasn't the only one who was amazed. The wild wolves themselves were taken aback at being approached by the equine. In Giammatteo's video, they appear confused and even somewhat skittish, darting out of the horse's way as he goes about his clearly important business of rolling in the snow.

Giammatteo wrote:

"He boldly went to the wolves and told them a thing or two, they may be predators, but that is his land and he knows his horse rights."

Check out the remarkable moment as the horse wanders right into the middle of the wolf pack below:

Since wolves in the area have been known to hunt horses for food, Gimmatteo is aware that Orazio the brave horse was taking a real gamble in hanging out with the wolves.

"If I hadn't seen a scene like that I would have never believed it was possible," he said.

But sometimes gambles are worth it. It appears that Orazio was none the worse for the wear, and may have even come away from the experience with some new friends. If nothing else, Gimmatteo certainly came away with some good video for animal experts to analyze.

What do you think of this fearless horse amongst a wolf pack? Share your thoughts below! 

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Fearless Horse Forgets He’s a Horse and Walks Right into Wolf Pack