Farrier's Arsenal: 5 Different Types of Horse Shoes

Posted by Allie Layos
Horse shoes

These five types of horse shoes are some of the best in a farrier's arsenal. 

Horse shoeing is a true art. With just a few simple tools, farriers can correct a horse's way of going, make a lame horse comfortable or help a performance horse perform at its best.

While there are many different types of horse shoes to do the job, some that are utilized more than others.

Here are the five that farriers fall back on most often.

Regular Shoe

Regular shoe

Most horses wear a regular shoe. When it is pre-made by a machine, these shoes are often called "keg" shoes. The grooves in the middle (in which the nail holes are placed) are known as "fullers," so this shoe would be said to be "fullered."

This normal shoe is made to support the hoof and protect it under regular riding circumstances.

Rim Shoe

Rim shoe

Rim shoes are very similar to regular horse shoes, but they include a large groove in the middle which allows for additional traction.

For that reason they are popular for sports that require speed and quick turns, such as barrel racing and roping.

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Bar Shoe

Bar shoe

Bar shoes are named for the extra "bar" on the back of the shoe, which allows for more support in the back of the hoof, heel and leg.

A straight bar can help hold the hoof together, which can be needed in cases of hoof injury.

Egg Bar Shoe

Egg bar shoe

Egg bar shoes offer even more support than bar shoes, since they extend beyond the heel. They are often used for horses that suffer from navicular syndrome.

These shoes are often made of aluminum, which is lighter-weight and easier to add a wedge to if the horse's heel needs to be raised.

Heart Bar Shoe

Heart bar shoe

The heart bar shoe offers the same advantages as other bar shoes, but adds frog support as well.

These shoes are typically used for horses with laminitis.

From sliding plates, to the rolled toe shoe, to shoes with toe grabs, there are many more types, but these five are the most common shoes. Talk to your farrier about your concerns and hopes for your horse and he or she will fit your horse with the right shoe for the job.

What type of shoe does your horse wear? Tell us below!

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Farrier's Arsenal: 5 Different Types of Horse Shoes