'That's Not How You Milk a Cow': Farmers Critique Nintendo's New Cow Milking Game

Posted by Stacey Venzel
nintendo milking game

Farmers prove this video game doesn't teach the right milking technique, but they can't keep up with the game.

Nintendo is soon to release its newest interactive game that challenges participants to enter into the world of farming. But a Vermont farmer had a few critiques about the game's method of milking.

Vermont cowboy Tom Remp told CNN:

"That's not how you milk a cow."

He sent what he described as a "snarky letter" to the Nintendo team, calling them out on their ill-informed farming tactics, challenging them to a milking showdown.

Remp's letter quickly made its way around the gaming office, and three weeks later, Nintendo accepted Remp's challenge.

Gamers and farmers came together in a barn lined with Jersey cows. The farmers taught the correct way to milk a cow, and then went head to head with the gamers.

But still, the real-life milkers were no match for the virtual reality world. The gamers consistently came out on top, defeating the farmers at the milking game.

While the game doesn't teach accurate technique, the farmers admitted that it was still difficult. So while Nintendo might not have experience with life around the barn, the game certainly showcases the hard work that goes down on a farm.

Head to Nintendo for more information on their new gaming console.

What do you think of this challenge? Will you be playing the new Nintendo milking game? Tel us in the comments below.

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'That's Not How You Milk a Cow': Farmers Critique Nintendo's New Cow Milking Game