Farmer Claims Ed Sheeran Music Increases Egg Laying

Posted by Katherine Ripley

The chickens did not respond to classical music, jazz, or Justin Bieber.

Adrian Potter, the owner of a 400-acre farm in the U.K. with 200,000 chickens, thinks he's figured out the secret of how to make chickens lay more eggs: play them Ed Sheeran music.

According to a spokesman from the British Free Rang Egg Producers' Association, reducing stress in hens improves performance. Potter, a third-generation hen farmer, tried playing the hens classical music, jazz, and even Justin Bieber, but only Ed Sheeran produced a response.

Potter said the hens stopped clucking and became noticeably more relaxed when he started playing Ed Sheeran's music.

Chicken Ecology Farm

The music has apparently resulted in the hens producing about 300 eggs over their lifetime. Other innovations on the farm, such as tree-lined ranges, also contributed to the increase.

Potter thinks the hens prefer Ed Sheeran because they enjoy his tones. He also said that he is an Ed Sheeran fan as well.

Everyone on the farm now calls him "Egg Sheeran."

It seems different hens have different tastes in music. Last year, a U.K. woman reported that her hens' eggs doubled in size when she started playing them heavy metal music. Why she thought to do such a thing is a mystery, but apparently it produced dramatic results.

Considering that many egg farmers often use inhumane practices such as forced molting to make hens lay more eggs, playing music (even if it's heavy metal) is a welcome alternative technique to increase egg production.

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Farmer Claims Ed Sheeran Music Increases Egg Laying