Family Rescues Bag of Newborn Kittens Found in Woods

Posted by Krissy Howard
Photos provided by RSPCA via The Dodo

A walk through the woods led one family to find a bag of abandoned, newborn kittens, which they decided to rescue and keep. 

A casual stroll through the woods for the Walker family resulted in a shocking discovery, and ultimately, a happy tale for four baby kittens. The newborns, so young that their umbilical cords were still attached, were found inside a plastic bag that was lying along the side of a walking path, clearly left to die.

The Walkers scooped up the little ones and immediately called the RSPCA, who were no less shocked and horrified to learn of the discovery. Knowing that the kittens were too young to survive on their own, the animal-loving family decided to take matters into their own hands.

They decided then and there that the kitties had found their forever homes, and took steps to keep them alive, no matter what. With guidance from the RSPCA, the Walkers began bottle feeding the little ones every two hours, as their mother would have.

The kitties are said to be doing well and have since been given their own names: Midnight, Hobo, Sprinkles, and Jelly Bean.

"They are adorable and we now have three with their eyes open," new cat mom Samantha Walker said in a press release.

"We hadn't planned on adopting another four cats all at once, but we plan on keeping them as we have invested so much into getting them to survive."

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bottle feeding kittenThe cruel individual who left the kittens in the woods hasn't been found, but thankfully, all ended up working out for these fortunate felines. UK residents with any information regarding the kittens are asked to call the RSPCA at 0300 123 8018.

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Photos provided by RSPCA via The Dodo

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Family Rescues Bag of Newborn Kittens Found in Woods