Family Reunites with Horse Left Behind in Hurricane Harvey

Posted by Jason Sarna
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Saving your cat or dog from the wrath of Hurricane Harvey might seem like a simple task, but how do you save a horse?

With the storm waters rising, Nazirah Sly, her husband, and their daughter, loaded their five dogs and a few bags into a boat and left.

Bella, the family's horse, lived in a small stable in the yard. She was a brown American quarter horse that had been a Christmas present for the daughter four years earlier.

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With the boat full, the family had no choice but to leave the horse, which they had untied before fleeing in hopes that it might give the horse a chance.

The decision to leave Bella had been eating at Sly, as she is the type of person who considers her pets to be her family. But what choice did she have? They had no warning, no time. The flood had taken their house. And their cars. Sly didn't know whether she could stand to lose anything more.

A few days later, Sly and her family as well as animal rescue crews from as far away as Abilene were riding in boats and on horseback combing the neighborhood.

After a few hours of searching, the family came across a horse trailer behind a military surplus truck that was crowded with six horses.

"Yes!" said Sly. "Yes! There is my baby!"

Sly and her daughter called out Bella's name. The horse was in the back and had little room to move, but they swore that the horse heard them.

"She's looking at me!" the daughter said.

After the guilt of leaving their beloved horse behind, the family was finally reunited with Bella.

How do you protect your horses from catastrophic storms? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Family Reunites with Horse Left Behind in Hurricane Harvey