Family Leaves Their Dog at the Shelter So They Can Take Home a 'Happier' Dog

Posted by Amber King
german shepherd mix standing by fence
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Zuzu was so excited to see her family again, but that feeling wouldn't last.

When a pup, now named Zuzu, jumped a fence and ended up in the neighbor's yard, Animal Control was called to handle the situation. The dog was brought to the Downey Animal Care and Control Center in Los Angeles where staff and volunteers hoped she would be reunited with her owners.

Not long after Zuzu's arrival, everyone got what they wished for when the dog took special notice of a family that walked into the shelter. She ran up to the fence with her tail wagging to greet her long-lost owners. Shelter staff member, Desi Lara, was lucky enough to get the reunion on video and posted it to Facebook.  Not all lost dog stories have happy endings, but Zuzu seemed to be one of the lucky ones.

But her luck didn't last long. The owners quickly explained how they weren't there to pick up Zuzu. Instead of taking their dog home, they were going to leave her at the shelter while they picked out a new dog. They weren't expecting to ever see their two-year-old German Shepherd mix again, and they had already decided to take advantage of her disappearance.

They explained how the dog's father had recently passed away, and since then, she spent her days crying and heartbroken. The fun-loving dog they had originally adopted wasn't there anymore, and they wanted nothing to do with her.

Instead of helping their dog cope with the loss, they decided to abandon her at the shelter while they welcomed a different, happier dog into their home.

While Zuzu's story is one of heartbreak and broken trust, there is a silver lining to her owner's betrayal. Shelter staff members renamed her Zuzu after the daughter in the classic Christmas movie, "It's a Wonderful Life." They're doing everything they can to change her story and give her the wonderful life she deserves with a family that will love and care for her indefinitely.

Zuzu is great with both dogs and kids, and she's anxiously waiting for a new forever family. If you're able to give her a wonderful life, contact Downey Animal Care and Control and check out her profile on ShelterMe.

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Family Leaves Their Dog at the Shelter So They Can Take Home a 'Happier' Dog