Beloved Family Dog Tragically Shot, Killed at Honolulu Airport

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pitbull shot at honolulu airport
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An exciting move to Oahu turned into personal tragedy for this Hawaii family.

Leisha Ramos flew into the Honolulu Airport with her five-month-old daughter and two-year-old pit bull named Kaiele last Tuesday. They were moving from the Big Island of Hawaii and ready for a fresh start. As Ramos' boyfriend parked the car and made his way over to help with her luggage, Ramos tied Kaiele to a tree near the inter-island terminal baggage claim.

pit bull laying with baby
Hawaii News Now

A security guard noticed the dog outside of the airport's designated pet area and made his way over to the family to tell them to move. Ramos told Hawaii News Now:

"He's walking towards us yelling that we needed to go and leave and get this dog out of here or he'll take care of it. My boyfriend tells him, 'Yea, we're just loading the truck.' And he keeps walking towards us and he's at a pretty far distance and he already has his gun out."

Sometime during this verbal altercation between Ramos' boyfriend and the unidentified security officer, Kaiele broke free from his tether. Airport personnel and Ramos have different accounts about what happened next. Securitas reported that the pit bull was "aggressively barking and lunging at tourists in the area."

woman and baby laying with pitbull
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When the dog turned its attention toward the security guard, it allegedly lunged. And the guard shot the dog in the head. Ramos recounted the shooting by saying;

"I was right behind him and I just dropped because he dropped. I had him in my arms and I was just holding him and he was just bleeding from his forehead."

Ramos denies all claims that her dog was acting aggressively and describes him as fun, loving, and playful. She said;

"I was in shock. He was such a sweetheart. He never attacked anybody."

The Honolulu Airport is standing by the split-second decision made by the security officer saying the shooting was "in self defense to prevent being attacked." The officer wishes to remain anonymous, but he did release a statement apologizing to the family.

"I just want to say I'm terribly sorry that your dog was put down. That wasn't my intention when I walked up to you folks to ask you to move your things. I was just doing my job, and I'm terribly sorry that you lost that dog. My condolences to you, Miss Ramos, and your child, and to the boyfriend. I'm terribly sorry what happened."

Do you think the officer shot in self defense? Let us know in the comments.

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Beloved Family Dog Tragically Shot, Killed at Honolulu Airport