A Family Affair: Hope for Paws Rescues Stray Mama and Newborn Puppies

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L.A.-based animal rescue organization Hope for Paws didn't waste a second when it received a call about a homeless mama dog struggling to care for her litter of newborn pups.

According to the young woman who called for help, the stray dog made her way into the yard and gave birth to the pups shortly thereafter.

The kind woman looked after the mama and her babies for several days. After seeing a local news story about another Hope for Paws rescue, the woman called the organization on behalf of the new little family living in her yard.

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The puppies were just five days old when Hope for Paws arrived on the scene. Immediately, the mama dog came out to greet them. She seemed happy to have visitors.

Rescuers Eldad Hagar and Loreta Frankonyte carefully loaded the mama, whom they named Spring, and her nine babies into the car and whisked them to a vet, where they were examined and all received a clean bill of health!

Spring and her babies are in foster care and awaiting their forever homes. You can learn more about this precious little family here.

Click here to learn more about Hope for Paws animal rescue.

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A Family Affair: Hope for Paws Rescues Stray Mama and Newborn Puppies