Family Adopts 20-Year-Old Cat and Create Viral Tribute When He Passes

Posted by Mateja Lane

Sometimes adopting a senior pet can change your life as much as it changes theirs. 

The Williams family in Utah went home from the shelter in 2014 with a 20-year-old cat named Dexter. Many would say it was a lost cause but Dexter lived for another two years and changed the lives of the family for the better.

Dexter became the family's resident "fuzzy soulmate, lap warmer, nap buddy, gamer, bookmark." When he recently passed, Jill Williams, who works at Best Friends Animal Society, made him a tribute to say goodbye to their dear old friend.

The video compiles the many pictures the family took of Dexter fitting in with the family.  Dexter might have been cranky, with an old man's meow, but you can see how much he was loved by everyone.

In Jill's blog post she writes about Dexter's quirkiness and individuality and how he became a magnet for all the family members. Over the few years that Dexter lived in the Williams' home, he touched the hearts of even the dogs and when his own heart finally gave out, nobody was expecting that he would leave such a hole.

But the Dr. Seuss quote at the end rings true:

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened."

Jill wants to prove that all animals, no matter what their age, deserve a happy home and can truly change lives. So when you go to the shelter don't pass by the older pets because they might not be a kitten or puppy. It's never too late to save any life.

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Family Adopts 20-Year-Old Cat and Create Viral Tribute When He Passes