So Close, Yet So Far: Ferret Fail Jump of the Century

Posted by Allie Layos

This ferret's attempt to leap majestically from counter to a window sill can only be called an epic fail jump.

Ferrets aren't very good at jumping. Or maybe some of them are, but this one is not.

As this little ferret tries to leap from the counter top to the window sill just a few feet away, you really think he's going to make it. He sits back on his haunches, makes some really impressive movements with his front paws, and then jumps...straight to the floor below.

There is some explanation for this fearless ferret's failure, however. Ferrets have notoriously bad depth perception, so he probably really thought he was going to reach his window sill goal.

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It's definitely an epic failure, but in one sense his jumping skills are actually impressive. It's incredible just how far off the mark he was able to end up.

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