Exotic birds like this Rainbow Lorikeet.

20 Beautiful Exotic Birds With Too Many Colors to Count


When it comes to exotic birds, we can't take our eyes off these colorful flyers!

We write a lot about exotic birds, so coming with a top 20 list was easy. Some of these are pets and others are exotic birds you may see outside at your bird feeder. (We hope you do!)

The Indigo Macaw is one falling on the endangered species list. These birds also have a lifespan of over 50 years. Some of these birds make a colorful addition to your home and a wonderful pet.

1. Macaw

Caninde Blue Throated Macaw parrot

2. Senegal Parrots

Senegal Parrot


3. Love Birds

Love Birds

4. Parakeets

Sun Parakeets

5. Rainbow Lorikeet

Rainbow Lorikeet

6. Toucan

7. Hummingbirds

8. Atlantic Puffin

9. Cockatiel



10. Kingfishers

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11. Cockatoos


12. Conure

13. African Grey Parrots

Closeup of African Grey parrots

14. Golden Pheasant

15. The Bali Bird of Paradise

16. Capped Heron

17. California Condor

18. The Peacock



19. The Northern Cardinal

Northern Cardinal

20. The Inca Turn

Inca Turn BirdHave you ever seen or heard of these wild birds? Share then on our Wide Open Pets Instagram!

This article was originally published July 21, 2020.

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