Exhausted Horse Rescued from Australia Floods, Fed Apples in Doorway

Posted by Paige Cerulli
horse in hallway

When a father and son spotted an exhausted horse swimming in the floodwater, they knew that they had to take action. 

When Australia floods jeopardized a horse's life, kind rescuers were happy to help out, even though they didn't know the horse. A father and son spotted an exhausted horse in Murwillumbah trying to keep its head above water. They then rescued the mare using a boogie board and rope to get the horse to safety in an incredible rescue feat.

That just happened to be on their front porch. The father and son threw a rope around the horse and, while on the boogie board themselves, dragged it to their house. They held her head above water for hours, since the horse was too tired to get up. They also fed her apples.

Gillian Taylor, a friend of the rescuers, posted a photo to the Murwillumbah Facebook group, hoping to locate the horse's owners. Social media quickly came to the rescue, as the owner was identified within just a few minutes.

Gillian Taylor via Facebook

Taylor noted that the horse is expected to be fine, and that the horse's owners have spoken to a vet. The horse, whose name is Tilly, is 25 years old.

Flooding, especially when it's unanticipated, can be devastating for animals. It's best to have an evacuation plan in place before you ever encounter an emergency situation, but sometimes there isn't even time to evacuate. Tilly was lucky to have come across her rescuers, and we wish her a swift recovery.

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Exhausted Horse Rescued from Australia Floods, Fed Apples in Doorway