'Excuse Me? Where Is My Sandwich?' Guilty Great Dane Knows...

Posted by Amber King

The case of the missing sandwich has been solved.

Behind every pair of puppy dog eyes is a mischief-maker trying to get away with something. In this pup's case, it's all about hiding the evidence of his theft--in his mouth.

Seban is a Great Dane with a healthy appetite. When he sees his mom's sandwich unguarded, he can't help himself.

But instead of woofing it down like what most dogs would do, Seban's conscious gets the better of him. When mom comes back to find her sandwich missing, she starts to investigate the theft.

A tell-tale bulge behind Seban's lips sets her on the right trail to the perpetrator.

After an intense interrogation, the suspect finally confesses. The big dog opens his mouth and out falls the missing sandwich. Now his mom has to decide, should she be mad that Seban stole it, or happy that he gave it back?

With that cute face, we're confident Seban will get off with a light sentence.

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'Excuse Me? Where Is My Sandwich?' Guilty Great Dane Knows...