Everything You Need to Know About the Lamancha Goat

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Ready to learn about everything you need to know about the Lamancha goat?

Best known for their distinctive ears, the American Lamancha goat (simply known as Lamancha) is the only breed of goat developed in the United States. First bred in Oregon by Mrs. Eula Fay Frey, these short-eared goats are descendants of a Spanish goat known by the similar name of La Mancha.

Mrs. Eula Fay Frey didn't set out to develop a new species of goat with distinctive breed characteristics. She simply noticed that two goats in her herd had unusually short ears compared to the rest. After doing some research, she discovered their Spanish origins and her interest was piqued. She introduced a few more Spanish LaMancha goats into her herd and began selectively breeding them to achieve the desired short Lamancha ears. By the 1950s, the Lamancha was recognized as a distinct breed of American dairy goat and formally registered in 1958 to the dair goat association.

The Lamancha goat can thrive in any condition; harsh conditions leave little impact on their milk production. As a dairy goat, they are known for their high milk production, excellent dairy temperament, and their milk's relatively high butterfat content. They are an all-around sturdy animal and can make a good addition to your farm.

If you're looking to purchase your own Lamancha goat, the American Lamancha Association has a list of registered members and breeders available on their website.

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Everything You Need to Know About the Lamancha Goat