Everything You Need to Know About Mexican Black Kingsnakes

Posted by Samantha Bubar

Found in Mexico and Arizona, Mexican black kingsnakes are a solid black subspecies of the common kingsnake that lives for 10 to 20 years.

These carnivores kill their prey by constricting rather than using their jaws or teeth. The Mexican black kingsnake is curious and energetic, which means it's important to have an enclosure that is escape proof!

As hatchlings, Mexican black kingsnakes tend to be nippy, but with proper and consistent handling they will learn to trust that you are friend, not foe.

They need a tank with a thermal gradient within their tank and hides on each side of the gradient. When they are about to shed, their usually glossy black eyes turn a cloudy bluish color and it's best to leave them alone when they're about to shed as they can get a bit feisty.

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Mexican black kingsnakes have small oval-shaped heads. Their head is the same thickness as their body.


Mexican black kingsnakes have round eyes with round pupils that turn a cloudy bluish color when near shed.


Like other snakes, they use their tongue to "smell" and sense their surroundings.

Mexican black kingsnakes are a glossy black color- ranging from black to dark chocolate. Their scales shine a bluish color.


With a long slender tail, they range from three to four feet in length as adults.