Everything You Need to Know About Abyssinian Guinea Pigs

Posted by Tori Holmes
Abyssinian Guinea Pig

Think smooth coats are overrated? Here is everything you need to know about Abyssinian guinea pigs!

They may be named after the historic Abyssinia region in Africa, but the Abyssinia guinea pig actually originates from South America. Like its close cousin the Peruvian guinea pig, Abyssinian guinea pigs arrived in Europe during the 16th century. From there, they made their way to America as exotic pets.

Overall, Abyssinians are great pets for children and first-time guinea pig owners due to their outgoing personalities and enjoyment of being around their humans.

When it comes to Abyssinian guinea pig care, these small pets need to be groomed with a soft brush as this breed of guinea pig has a rough coat. The hair of an Abyssinian is unique. The fur curls around in "rosette" patterns and often there is a ridge of fur meeting from different directions on the spine.

A show quality Abyssinian guinea pig has at least 8-10 rosettes which will increase their points in the ring.

Guinea pig owners should be familiar with the wide range of breeds. These include American, White Crested, a Silkie guinea pig exists too and satin versions!

A wonderful resource for first-time guinea pig owners is the Abyssinian guinea pig guide. Here you will learn about the color varieties. Did you know that the"Roans" have a coat consisting of mixtures of the white color. They are classified as Strawberry Roans or Blue Roans.

Enjoy your little guy!

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Everything You Need to Know About Abyssinian Guinea Pigs