Everything You Need to Know About the Vizsla Dog Breed

Posted by Mateja Lane

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The Vizsla has the nickname of "Velcro dog."

That's because they bond very strongly with their families and really hate being alone.

Originally bred in Hungary to be hunting dogs, the Vizsla is a muscular dog with incredible stamina and endurance. Medium in size, this dog has a short, silky coat that ranges from light golden to a deep auburn.

They are very smart and alert, and benefit from lots of activity. A well-trained Vizsla can excel in agility or in the field. It is the 33rd most popular dog breed in the American Kennel Club registry and was first recognized in 1960.

Vizslas make great family dogs but need to be in an active household. Their lifespans range from 12 to 14 years.

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Vizslas have alert eyes with an iris usually the same color as the coat; they have great senses of smell with a longer muzzle. The ears are long and thin and hang close to the head. The lips are not loose like a hound's and the jaws are strong with a scissor bite.


The Vizsla coat is short, and silky-smooth. They can range from light gold to deep auburn, with no undercoat.


The Vizsla is well-built and muscular. They have angled hind legs with well-defined muscles and a long neck. The back slopes down with the front legs extended and is longer than it is tall. Feet are almost cat-like; well-rounded with close toes.

General Appearance

The Vizsla is sometimes called the "Velcro" dog because of how strongly they bond with their owners. This dog was bred to work in the field, as an outdoor dog. It is agile and energetic, and built for endurance. In AKC dog shows, scars that indicate a working dog should never be penalized.


Vizslas are generally a healthy breed, but like most dogs they can suffer from hip dysplasia. Breeders will generally tell you if there is eye disease, autoimmune thyroiditis, or any other issues in the bloodline.

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Everything You Need to Know About the Vizsla Dog Breed