Everything You Need to Know About Pugs

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They're a really old dog breed!

The Pug can be traced back to ancient China since before 400 BC! These little dogs have been popular in various European courts, Buddhist monasteries, Oriental palaces, and now, in households around the world.

Pugs are good little companions and their Chinese heritage can be seen with their familiarities with the Pekinese breed. The name "Pug" may have originated from marmoset monkeys that were called "pugs" and kept as pets in the 1700s. Can you see the resemblance in the facial expressions?

The breed standard colors for Pugs are black and fawn.

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General Appearance

Pugs are in the toy breed and do not get very big. They are symmetrical in that their legs are proportional to their bodies. They are neither stocky nor leggy. The tail is curled into a corkscrew. Double curl is admirable by breed standards.

Pugs are loving and can be little troublemakers.


The Pug's round head has deep wrinkles and a flat snout. The eyes are large and protruding which attributes to their worrisome expression. The ears are small and triangular. A Pug's teeth can often result in an underbite.


The Pug has two breed standard colors: fawn and black. The hair is short and smooth.


The Pug is well-built but not necessarily stocky. The neck is strong to hold up the round head. Rolls can be found under the chin and behind the head. The Pug has good muscle tone in regards to its size.


Pugs are generally healthy but it is good to check with your breeder to make sure there is no disease in the blood line. Pugs' eyes do protrude from the head so accidents can happen. Pug dog encephalitis is a rare brain disease that Pugs specifically can be prone to.


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Everything You Need to Know About Pugs