Everything You Need to Know About the Plymouth Rock Chicken

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Plymouth Rock chickens are known as a dual-purpose chicken, being good for both egg laying and for consumption.

The Plymouth Rock chicken is a highly popular chicken breed and is frequently found on small farms. The breed can withstand cold weather and tends to be both friendly and docile.

The breed originated in New England in the 1800s. American Dominiques and Black Javas were crossed to produce the Plymouth Rock, and the breed was valued because of its value as both an egg layer and a meat chicken. Since the breed was slighter heavier than the American Dominique, it soon became preferred over when it came to meat production.

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General Appearance

Plymouth Rock chickens are fairly heavy, weighing between seven and nine pounds on average. Their skin is yellow, and they produce eggs with brown shells. These chickens feature longer backs and have a single comb.


Plymouth Rock chickens come in many different color varieties, including barred, white, buff, partridge, silver penciled, blue, and columbian.

Egg Laying

Plymouth Rock chickens are excellent egg layers. They lay eggs year-round, though egg production decreases slightly in the winter months.


Plymouth Rock chickens are known to be docile and friendly. In some instances, they can become aggressive. These chickens often make good mothers.

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Everything You Need to Know About the Plymouth Rock Chicken