Great Danes Are Good Service Dogs for Stability and Emotional Support

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Regal giants. 

Great Danes are the tallest dog breed, often towering over adult humans when standing on their rear legs. Originally bred as boar hounds, the breed was perfected and revered in Germany; there is no real connection to Denmark, but the name comes from Grand Danois which means "Big Danish." These dogs are known for their long strides in pursuit of quarry, mostly boars or bears, and are thought to have descended from English Mastiffs and Irish Wolfhounds.

Great Danes were known as German Boarhounds and slowly became dogs only owned by royalty due to their elegance and regal stance. They are docile dogs but do best with lots of exercise. They are kind and gentle with children but should be monitored around small kids due to their size.

Great Danes should also be monitored during exercise as puppies since their bones can be delicate before they are fully developed. They are also susceptible to bloat, which can be avoided with rest periods during activity after meals.

Their size does mean that Great Danes only live between six to eight years, with records of some living until 10 years old. Great Danes are helpful service dogs for owners who need help with stability, including balancing and standing on their own. They also make excellent companions for wheelchair-bound service dog seekers. Their calm demeanor and loyal attitude also make them excellent choices for those seeking emotional support dogs, like those suffering from PTSD or anxious disorders.

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Great Danes Are Good Service Dogs for Stability and Emotional Support