Everything You Need to Know About Golden Retrievers

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The friendliest!

Goldens are known to be an emotionally intelligent dog; many Golden Retriever owners will tell you that they seem to know exactly how to comfort them. Part of that intuition is what makes them good service and guide dogs.

But they were originally bred to be bird retrieval dogs for waterfowl hunters and make great sporting dogs in the field. Their golden coats are water-repellant and can range from a dark auburn to white.

Golden Retrievers are America's third most popular dog breed behind Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherds. They make great family dogs due to their desire to please and agreeable nature.

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The Golden Retriever head can be blocky and square or narrow, depending on the breed. The eyes are friendly and expressive and usually a dark brown in color. The ears a medium in size and hang close to the sides of the head.


Sporting dogs first and foremost, Golden Retrievers are built for activity, especially in the water. They are strong and well-built dogs, agile when on the move. Their backs line up straight from the withers to the hind legs. The body is well balanced with a broad chest.


The Golden Retriever coat is dense and water-repellant. The hair is long, longer on the underside and back of legs and can get wavy and crimped when dried, especially on the ears. The Golden color can range from dark auburn to gold to white.


Golden Retrievers do best with adequate exercise and while they aren't susceptible to any specific disease, there are chances they can acquire elbow and hip dysplasia, eye disease, or cardiac disease.

Their lifespan is generally 12 to 14 years.


Goldens are a very friendly breed with a gentle demeanor. They make great family dogs and sporting dogs as they aim to please.

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Everything You Need to Know About Golden Retrievers