Everything You Need to Know About the Cochin Chicken

Posted by Paige Cerulli

The Cochin chicken is a wildly popular chicken breed which has inspired many people to own and breed chickens.

The Cochin chicken is a large chicken with plenty of feathers. It is known for being calm and friendly, making it an ideal chicken for the casual hobbyist. Cochins are generally regarded as being poor egg layers, but excellent mothers.

Cochin chickens were originally bred in China. When they were exported to America and Britain in the 1850s, they inspired a "hen fever" in both countries. People were so enamored with these chickens that they decided to own and breed chickens of their own. Chicken popularity rapidly grew during this time.

Today Cochin chickens continue to be a favorite of hobbyists. They are easy to keep, and because they don't fly, they can be contained by a low fence. Cochin chickens do not wander, and their friendly personalities allow them to quickly endear themselves to their owners.

The Cochin chicken is an excellent breed for hobbyists, thanks to its lovable personality. This chicken is hardy in the winters, and doesn't roam like other breeds do. It's no wonder the Cochin is such a popular breed!

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General Appearance

The Cochin is a large chicken, often weighing between 9 and 11 pounds. This chicken features plumage over its head and feet, and has a single comb.


The Cochin is found in many recognized colors, including Black, Buff, Partridge, White, Barred, Brown Red, Golden Laced, Mottled, Silver Laced, Birchen, Blue, Columbian, and Red.

Egg Laying

Cochin chickens lay medium-sized eggs. While the Cochin can lay eggs, many do not lay eggs over long periods of time.


Cochins have friendly, sweet personalities. They are easy to tame and often like to interact with people.

Body image: David Goehring via Flickr

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Everything You Need to Know About the Cochin Chicken