Ever Heard of a Crab Traffic Jam? In Cuba, It's a Real Thing

Posted by TF Oren

Most people know the Bay of Pigs because of the failed 1961 military invasion that happened there.

But did you know it's also famous for another kind of invasion? A crustacean invasion.

Each year, millions of black, yellow, and red landcrabs crawl out of their forest homes and swarm the Bay of Pigs to spawn in the southern coastal waters.

The journey to the coast is perilous. Millions are crushed under vehicles and others succumb to predators while en route.

However, their numbers are so massive, that even the millions of annual deaths don't seem to affect the population. Year after year, millions more make the same journey.

It doesn't matter what the obstacle. These crabs are determined to get to the beach. They will not hesitate to invade human structures if that's what it takes to get where they're going.

Beachfront food hut owner Edian Villazon has witnessed the invasion firsthand.

"Thirty to 40 can enter without you even realizing it...We have to always keep the door shut," he told the Telegraph.

If you see these crabs coming, better move it or lose it. Mother Nature doesn't mess around.

What do you think of this crustacean invasion? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Ever Heard of a Crab Traffic Jam? In Cuba, It's a Real Thing