Epic Snow Day: Staten Island Miniature Horses Escape in Storm and Have a Blast

Posted by Paige Cerulli
mini horses in snow
Tammie True-Fried via Facebook

Two Miniature Horses couldn't resist the temptation of a snow day, escaping from their stables and running loose on Staten Island.

The recent storm to hit the Northeast meant that many children had snow days from school. But two Miniature Horses on Staten Island couldn't resist enjoying a special snow day of their own. The tiny horses escaped from their stable and headed out to see the sights, roaming the Staten Island streets.

Staten Island resident Robert Stasio spotted the escaped equines through his home's window. He hopped in his truck and followed them as they made their way through the neighborhood. When traffic made it impossible to continue following with his truck, Stasio jumped out and continued his pursuit on foot. Eventually he caught up with the horses and, with help from the local police, Stasio captured the runaways.

The Miniature Horses have been safely returned home. They're none the worse for wear, and seem to have quite enjoyed their snow day adventure. They reportedly live in a stable on Wakefield Road.

Everyone needs to have a little fun now and then. These minis certainly brought some unexpected entertainment to those who saw them running loose during the storm.

What do you think of these naughty minis? Tell us in the comments below.

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Epic Snow Day: Staten Island Miniature Horses Escape in Storm and Have a Blast