9 Pieces of Horse Tack Every Equestrian Can Find Online

Posted by Mateja Lane
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Did you know that Amazon sells gear for your horse? Who knew?

Amazon surprisingly has great deals on all kinds of horse tack, even saddles!

Every equestrian has easy access to these online products. Check them out and have them delivered right to your door.

Just click on the images to take you to the product.

1. Weaver Leather Poly Roper Rein

41kkhd0ab3lWill this be the most fashionable rein in your barn?

Costing between $6.25 and $17.95 (depending on what length and coloration), this roper rein is durable and weather-resistant with leather laces.

The colors are also super fun, like the Bright Rose option.

515bcbpcabl-_sl1010_2. Tough 1 Stirrup Turner


This item might be small but it can truly come in handy when your stirrups need to be adjusted.

It only costs $12.59 and it will allow you faster mounting time when things just aren't perfect.

It's also good to have around the barn in case you need to adjust the stirrups for anyone else riding.

3. Weaver Leather Western Gel Seat Pad


Going on a long ride? Or do you just want to be more comfortable in the saddle? This seat pad is an extra shock absorber to help your back.

At only $36.75, you'll save at least 30% on one bought in an outfitter.

It is also easily washable and quick-drying in case it gets stinky. This is a nice, practical gift for that equestrian in your life that lives on the back of a horse.

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4. Cashel Quality Deluxe Horse Saddle Pommel Horn Bag

71qr1p-cpl-_sl1024_This bag is what your mount needed, and you didn't even know it! This pommel horn bag has insulated and padded pockets for snacks or a camera and comes in this beautiful camo print.

This bag costs $41.39.

5. Folding Saddle Stand


This saddle stand is perfect for when you are on the road, but also for a less cluttered barn! This saddle stand folds down for easy storage.

It's quite the practical product for $73.52.

6. Decker 12-Pack Tack Sponges

51aqn8tc5xlThis really can just be an addition to another gift, but you know the recipient will appreciate new sponges around the barn!

This 12-pack of high-quality Decker sponges is only $12.65 and is free to ship with orders over $25 so it would be a great add-on gift to another one of the items on this list!

7. Tough-1 Waterproof Poly Turnout Blanket

715oid7a1zl-_sl1500_Adverse weather is no fun for a horse out in pasture. This horse blanket by Tough-1 is waterproof with a poly fill to keep your horse cozy when he is turned out.

These blankets cost $79.96 - $199.99, depending on color.

This blanket has adjustable straps around the neck and legs and comes in lots of fun colors like the Turquoise above and the Burgundy below. 

8. LED Horse Breastplate Collar


Going on a night ride? This USB-rechargeable collar makes your horse highly visible if you're riding on the road or on a trail at night. Plus, if you go out on an afternoon ride, it is good to have in your saddle bag in case it gets dark faster than you anticipated.

It is also a fun accessory to put on your horse in the stable at night!

This breastplate collar is $44.99 with free shipping and makes for a really fun addition to your horse's tack!

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9. Troxel Rebel Western Helmet


Does the cowgirl in your life need a new riding helmet? This Troxel Western helmet is cute while being uber functional. With easily adjustable liners to fit any head, the recipient of this gift will be riding in style while being comfy.

The helmet is $54.95 and will keep your rider safe!Ready to be the most popular person in the barn? Every equestrian in your life will truly appreciate these gifts!

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9 Pieces of Horse Tack Every Equestrian Can Find Online