U.S Equestrian Team Takes No Risk with Water Quality for Their Horses

Posted by Tori Holmes

At this year's summer Olympics, it's not only the two-legged athletes that need to be concerned about water quality.

With just days until the start of the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics, there has been much concern raised about Rio de Janeiro's water quality. With reports circulating that athletes only need to ingest as little as three teaspoons to be almost certain of contracting a virus, they have a right to be concerned.

But it's not just the game's two-legged athletes that are being impacted by the city's dismal water quality; the horses competing in the equestrian events are at risk as well.

To ensure that their horses are in peak health for the games, the U.S. equestrian team will be providing their animals only filtered water. Their team is not extremely concerned about the water impacting the horses, but it is something they will be keeping an eye on throughout the games.


Aside from the water situation, U.S. riders will also take additional precautions after being briefed on the Zika virus outbreak in Brazil.

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