This Entire House Is Just One Huge Cat Playground

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Sure, we've heard of cat trees and even cat rooms, but you'll never believe this entire house that's one huge cat playground. 

Let's be honest: Cats were meant to live outside. The problem is, there are so many dangers these days that letting cats live outside isn't always an option. And if you live in a city or apartment, there's just no way to let your cat live outside.

Still, cats have energy they need to get rid of and they have a natural need to explore and climb.

When you have 15 rescue cats like Peter Cohen does, keeping the cats exercised and entertained can become a very big problem. That's why Cohen turned his entire house into one giant cat playground.

It was a gradual process, and Cohen built the catwalks, tunnels, platforms, and perches all by himself. This video provides a great tour of the elaborate house, and the cats seem to love their indoor cat playground. Take a look!

Feeling inspired? You don't have to make a cat playground that's as elaborate as Cohen's, but by adding just a few items to your house you can make it more entertaining and comfortable for your cat.

Cats have a natural desire to be up above the action, so consider adding a few shelves to an empty wall so that your cat can climb up and be above everyone else. A cat tree with a perch can also achieve this effect.

Make sure that your cat's need to play is also satisfied. Give him plenty of toys and make sure that you spend time playing with him every day. Your cat will also benefit from items that he can scratch, such as a scratching post or scratching pad.

Creating an indoor cat playground can help your cat to live a healthier, happier life, and they'll love it.

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This Entire House Is Just One Huge Cat Playground