Empty the Shelters Event in Michigan Breaks Single-Day Adoption Record

Posted by Tori Holmes
sad puppies shelter

This past weekend, the state of Michigan broke their one-day adoption record and you won't believe how many pets they found homes for.

On Saturday, October 22, more than 1,900 pets across the state of Michigan found their forever homes thanks to the second Empty the Shelters event. At the first event in May, an impressive 600 pets were able to find homes in one day, but last weekend saw triple that amount of adoptions.

Absorbing the $60 adoption fee for cats and the $150 fee for dogs, the Bissell Pet Foundation was able to team up with 57 shelters across the states to find homes for pets in need.

old senior dog abandoned in shelter

While adopting cats and other small animals was free of charge, new dog parents paid a licensing fee ranging between $7 and $12 depending on their county.

Cathy Bissell, founder of the Bissell Pet Foundation, was thrilled with the results of the day, grateful to the shelters involved and the families who opened their hearts and homes to pets in need.

"We are overjoyed and beyond excited to see thousands of homeless pets from all over the state get a second chance at life. We are so grateful for our dedicated partner organizations and for the families who opened their hearts to adoption today."

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