Emotional Video Shows Texas Man Returning to Farm After Floods

Posted by Stacey Venzel
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All media via Daily Mail UK.

A Texas native filmed his return home, showing us just how much love people have for their animals.

When Lester Morrow, a teacher in Plum Grove, Texas, was finally able to return to his farm after the flooding from Hurricane Harvey, he took a video of what he found.

Get the tissues ready for this one. It's an emotional roller coaster as Patty the pig comes running toward Morrow, and Meg the pregnant goat bleats in the background.

Please be aware there is some graphic footage in the video below.

Morrow was quick to assess that one surviving horse had a broken leg and the donkey suffered leg injuries as well. While Morrow lost 17 animals in the flooding, he was elated to see so many survive.

You probably even found yourself chuckling in some parts of the video as Morrow's southern twang shouts excitedly at Patty, "F****** pig has so many lives!"


Morrow apologizes profusely to his animal family for the suffering they went through and for not being able to help them evacuate. Anyone who has a farm family can relate, but we're so glad the Morrow Farm has a lot of happy endings.

Do you know of a heartwarming hurricane rescue story? Share it with us in the comments below.

All media via Daily Mail UK.

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Emotional Video Shows Texas Man Returning to Farm After Floods