Emmy & Oscar: Two Bonded Senior Pugs Saved from Separation

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They were abandoned with a note saying "no longer wanted," but one woman proved the note wrong.

When senior pugs Emmy and Oscar were left at a shelter, they had no idea how their future would unfold. A note was attached to the fawn and black duo, saying "no longer wanted." It took a few caring hearts and unconditional love to alter the pair's fate.

Senior dogs often require extra care, but many owners are unable or unwilling to provide this. In the case of this four-legged family, the previous owners simply gave up.

Thank you so much for following @oscarandemmypugs story this week! These two went from being abandoned with a note saying "no longer wanted" to being adopted by a mama who will love and spoil them for the rest of their lives. As you can see on Emmy's face, life is now good for these senior pugs! # As I close this story, I want to leave you with the question I always love to pose: when you are next considering adding a member to your family, would you consider adopting a senior dog? Seniors often languish in shelters or are euthanized because people want to adopt a puppy or young dog. But, these dogs deserve love and a second chance, and there are so many advantages to adopting seniors: they are typically loveable, calm, and housetrained. And, most importantly, these dogs deserve to have their final years filled with love and family. ?

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Elongated soft palates--also called brachycephalic syndrome--are common in short muzzle or "smush-faced" breeds. This adorable deformity is the cause of loud, snorting breathing and impressive nighttime snoring. In some canines, like Emmy, it's more dramatic than others.

But Emmy also suffers from a herniated vertebrae in her old age which causes partial rear leg paralysis. Due to her disability, Emmy needs to wear a diaper to prevent accidents in the house.

Seeing her condition, the shelter deemed Emmy unadoptable, but set forth trying to find Oscar a home. Oscar, though not handicapped, was still an old man at a place where potential new owners were window shopping for the perfect puppy.

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The decision to euthanize Emmy was on the table when Guardian Angels Pug Rescue in Latrobe, Pennsylvania stepped in. Noting the pugs were a bonded pair, they demanded that the two be adopted together.

The shelter put up a fight, but the rescue group fought harder, eventually walking out with both canines to begin searching for a home for them together.

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The task proved daunting until Becky Craig came along. Becky began volunteering shortly after the pugs arrived and immediately fell in love. But she wasn't planning on taking the pugs home with her. Instead, she remained hopeful that a loving family would adopt them.

But as the clock kept ticking, Becky fell more and more in love. Recognizing the hardships caring for not one but two senior dogs would entail, she thought long and hard about whether she could provide them proper care.

Many dogs end up at shelters because they are adopted in a flurry of excitement, while the responsibilities, care, and commitment of dog ownership are overlooked.

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New pet parents at the shelter passed by the pair saying Emmy "breathed too loudly" or they could "never keep up with diaper changes." Becky watched them all pass by, but her love for Emmy and Oscar never wavered.

Eventually, Becky came to the conclusion that it was most important for these two pooches to be in a loving, permanent, and safe environment. She knew her routine would have to change, especially as a single woman working full-time, but she took the plunge with a full and open heart.

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Of the changes she has had to make to take care of these geriatric rolls of fur, Becky says:

"I don't see any of these as sacrifices. I love caring for these two, and my life is now full of such laughter and joy."

Senior dogs are seen as a hassle to many people, but Becky views them differently. She says:

"Living with senior dogs means it is naptime 20 hours a day, low energy, and tons of snuggles."

Story of the week, part 6: When Rebecca signed up to volunteer for Guardian Angels Pug Rescue, she wasn't planning to adopt. She was a single, working woman with a full life who wanted to give back to dogs in need, but the moment she met Emmy and Oscar, things changed. "You mean no one wants her?" she asked rescue workers. She couldn't imagine how Emmy could have been passed over so many times, but she also couldn't imagine taking on the responsibility herself on top of a full schedule. So, she told me, "I decided to wait a while and just see what happened." Each time Rebecca visited Guardian Angels to volunteer, she would spend time with Oscar and Emmy, and before long, she was asking herself, "Could I realistically provide a home for these two?" Many people make the mistake of adopting dogs they aren't fully prepared to care for, and this ends in heartache. So, Rebecca wanted to plan with great care and patience. # Want to hear more of Emmy and Oscar's story? I'll be sharing it here all week, one photo at a time. Photo by @realhappydogs

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Becky describes Emmy's personality as similar to Sophia from the Golden Girls: "very sassy and animated." Emmy is a great listener, always tilting her head to catch every last word. Due to her elongated palate, she also sounds like a gremlin when she tries to bark.

Oscar, on the other hand, is a mix of Eeyore and the Tasmanian Devil. He is shy and sweet until food is around. And in case you're wondering, Oscar's tongue does stick out like that all the time.

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The pugs had their own photo shoot by @realhappydogs, complete with bowties. Becky manages their Instagram account, @oscarandemmypugs, showing the world just how much love is packed into the rolls of two senior pugs.

Do you own pugs? Do you love pugs? We want to know all about it in the comments below!

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Emmy & Oscar: Two Bonded Senior Pugs Saved from Separation